City Employee Pay

San Luis Obispo County

Tribune reporters sought to provide a comprehensive look at how much top city officials earn in San Luis Obispo County. To do so, two reporters filed Public Records Act Requests with the county’s seven cities in early August, requesting salary and benefit information about city managers and department heads.

The data provided to The Tribune included a base salary plus other forms of compensation, including health benefits, retirement contributions, and cell phone and vehicle allowances.

Arroyo Grande's top city employees

Average salary: $117,751 | Average benefits: $50,712 | Average total compensation: $168,464

Who makes what in Arroyo Grande

Click on an employee's name to see a breakdown of their compensation.

NameJob titleBase salaryTotal benefitsTotal compensation
Steve Adams City Manager $136,596 $49,808 $186,404
Steven Annibali Police Chief $133,164 $69,918 $203,082
Mike Hubert Fire Chief $126,744 $58,383 $185,127
Angela Kraetsch Administrative Services Director $120,660 $45,357 $166,017
Doug Perrin Recreation Director $118,200 $52,859 $171,059
Teresa McClish Community Development Director $99,228 $40,443 $139,671
Kelly Wetmore City Clerk $89,668 $38,219 $127,887

How Arroyo Grande's city employees compare

This graph shows the total compensation each Arroyo Grande city employee receives. The darker blue is the amount of base salary; the lighter blue is the amount of benefits.

Base Salary
Total Benefits

According to employment data from the state Employment Development Department, the average wage of 99,740 people working in the public and private sectors during the first quarter of 2010 – not including benefits –was $43,981.

A look at compensation vs. population

This graph shows how much money, in dollars, each Arroyo Grande employee earns per city resident. Comparing compensation per capita across similar positions shows the disparity in compensation between large and small cities in the county.

The estimated population of Arroyo Grande as of January 1, 2010 was 17,145

A comparison of total compensation vs. the city's general fund

Here's a look at how much of the city's general fund is spent on salary and benefits for a particular employee. In local governments, the general fund budget accounts for most unrestricted spending decisions made by its elected governing body, including salaries.

Arroyo Grande's general fund in 2010 is $13,208,870. Source: City of Arroyo Grande